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EzTour provides a comprehensive and innovative solution for Tour Operators & Travel Agencies to interact & engage with their GROUP & MICE clients to offer a higher quality and personalized travel experience

It's free, works offline and can be used under your branding in Google Play and the Apple App Store

Key Features

Mobile devices are most effective way interact with travellers and engage them during their entire trip. Here is a summary of key features of the App

App Screenshots

Easy to navigate and user -friendly the app is designed for your clients to quickly get onboard and start using the information about the activities scheduled during the course of their tour. As travel agents it let you interact and engage with your clients and provide them with a personalized experience throughout their tour

How it Works

Save time on Planning and collaboration

You can use our interactive platform to create the Event. After adding all details and creating the itinerary the clients list can be uploaded.

One your tour is ready to be published, you can send your clients an exclusive invite to download the app. Clients can download the App and have access to all the data created by you

Your clients will be using EzTour from the beginning to the end of their tour. During this time, you can provide them with all the information and travel support they need. You can get Additional revenue if the clients purchase any product like attraction tickets, activities & transfers using the mobile app during their tour.

Its that simple !!

Its free for your client to download EzTour App and its available in both Playstore and AppStore


We are offering a special package for limited time. Once you register you can lock in this price for the next 12 months. Registration is free and No credit card is required for registration

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Save time on planning, operations and collaboration by using this ONE simple, powerful platform. EzTour for Tour Operators and Travel Agencies is an easy-to-use all-in-one travel planning platform built specifically to make the daily tasks of travel agents and tour operators easier and faster